Kit Prohall Progressive Mask Select Blond Biomask Hydration For Damaged Hair Care 2 Units

Kit Prohall Progressive Mask Select Blond Biomask Hydration For Damaged Hair Care 2 Units

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The volume reducing treatment Select One Blond is the ideal product for blond hair that seeks a soft, silky hair, without frizz , because it acts inside the hair fiber, thus realigning, reducing the volume and neutralizing the yellowish tones. With quality ingredients and the modern Lumini System. In addition it reconstructs and deeply moisturizes the hair, thus providing intense shine to the hair in just one step.
- Hair free of yellowish tones;
- Hydrated hair;
- Reduction of frizz;
- Intensification of hair color;
- Protection against external agents;
- Absolutely straight;
- Fingering;
- Softness;
- Intense shine.
Indication: Product specially indicated for undisciplined blonde hair.
Biomask Mask is a product with high technology and formulated with the best ingredients available in the market, rich in proteins, vitamins and vegetable oils, this mask is perfect for dry and damaged hair that needs a revitalizing treatment, since besides guaranteeing a deep hydration and intense shine, besides all these benefits it has a rejuvenating action that leaves the hair healthier and silkier.

It contains:
Prohall Select Blond Progressive Without Formalin for Blond Hair 1L/33.8fl.oz
Prohall Biomask Hydration for Damaged Hair 300g/10.5fl.oz

Application Tip Select One Blond:
- Divide the hair into four parts.
- Start at the nape of the neck, apply the product to the full length of the hair, in fine strands, using a brush and comb.
- Wait from 40 minutes to 1 hour depending on the degree of porosity of the hair.
- Rinse and remove 100% of the product.
- Divide the hair into four parts and a board of fine locks 10 to 15 times with the temperature of 180°C.
- Rinse the hair. (For a better result apply Biomask mask)

Biomask Application Council:
Apply the Biomask with wet hair all over the hair
Comb until you notice uniformity in application
Leave it to rest for 5 minutes
Rinse normally and finish as desired
Hair moisturized, frizz-free, rejuvenated and silky.

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