Kit Plastica dos Fios Selagem Térmica Thermal Sealing Progressive Three Step 3x110ml/3x3.71fl.oz.

Kit Plastica dos Fios Selagem Térmica Thermal Sealing Progressive Three Step 3x110ml/3x3.71fl.oz.

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The Kit Plastic Thermal Franking of the Threads is an intensive treatment that reduces the volume, remove the frizz and it provides threads smooth and controlled by even 3 months. Harbor and it hydrates deeply the threads over there to give an incredible brilliance and to strengthen the structure, avoiding the break.


Plastica dos Fios Pass 1 Shampoo Pré Selagem 110ml/3.71fl.oz.: Clean deeply the threads and it helps to open the cuticle making easy the penetration of the active beginnings of the treatment.

Plastica dos Fios Pass 2 Thermal Sealing110ml/3.71fl.oz.: With other products, promote the natural smooth effect of long duration in the threads and it leaves the brilliant hairs and without frizz .

Plastica dos Fios Pass 3 Mask Sealing 110ml/3.71fl.oz.: It promotes the very hydration of the threads reducing the frizz and accenting the smooth effect


Treatment consisting of Arginine, Extract of Açaí and Ascetic Ácido (ph I acidify).

Extract of Açaí: rich in nutrients as Essential Vitamins, Sugars and Emolientes.Sua Oils antirusty and protective action it promotes a complete regeneration of hair strands, hydrating them of efficient and drawn out form. 

Amino acids: they balance the structure of hair strands of the aggressions caused for the excessive use of driers and caps. It increases its malleability and elasticity, leaving the extremely easy hair softest and of combing.

Fitonutrientes: They nourish and they protect hair strands, helping to regenerate the damaged and consumed parts. 

Shampoo with I acidify Ascetic: to have ph I acidify, can cause irritation and scalling off in the sensetized leather. For this reason we recommend not to apply in gestantes, people with sensitive leather and children up to 12 years.

Obs: It offers close to 35 applications. Certified Micron Quality Labs (U.S.A.) and for the Anvisa.O effect it is drawn out with the use of the products of Plastic maintenance of Hair Strands.

Application: Requirements: silicone gloves, dryer, flat iron, plastic tabs, comb, brush and a plastic container.
1. Wash hair with Step 1, massaging until frothy. Wash twice in the case of very resistant or very dirty hair. Let stand 5 minutes and rinse thoroughly. Warning: do not rub the scalp
2 Dry your hair by 80% with the help of the dryer and fingers.
3- Separate the hair into 6 parts (a vertical line separating the hair into two strands - right and left - and three horizontal sessions - neck, middle and front from the ears).
4- Pour 20 to 40 ml of Step 2 in a container and put on silicone gloves.
5. Start applying on a hair neck lock with the brush. Apply two fingers away from the root in the hair lock base and pull the product to the tips with the comb. Make sure that the product is in every hair strands.
6. Repeat with the side hair lock.
7- With the dryer in the cold jet, dry two hair strands at 100%. It is important to dry two hair strands at a time with the cold jet. This prevents the formation of smoke and prevents the product evaporates without effect.
8. Repeat the procedure 5 through 7 in the two core strands of hair, one at a time.
9. Lastly, repeat the procedure 5 to 7 in the front two strands of hair, drying the yarn back. It is important that neither the wind nor the hair strand with the product coming into contact with the face.
10- Time to use the flat iron! In blond, damaged or chemically treated hair, the temperature should not exceed 200 ° C. In normal, natural or resistant hair the temperature should be at 230 ° C.
11. Divide the hair again into parts. Separate a thin hair lock and pass the flat iron 10 times (temperature 200 ° C) or 7 times (temperature 230 ° C).
12- Pass the flat iron on the hair ends (not the length) 4 times (temperature 200 ° C) or 2 times (temperature 230 ° C). In this way you avoid the artificial smooth effect on the hair tips.
13. Repeat this process (step 11 and 12) on all the hair. The straight sloshing against the leather makes the smoothest wire naturally from the roots.
14- After using the flat iron on all hair strands, rinse well with water.
15. Apply Step 3 on the hair strands gently massaging the strands. Let stand for 5 minutes and rinse again.
16. Dry the hair with the dryer.

We recommend that you use this treatment with the help of a professional.

Tip: For best results use together with the rest of the Plastica dos Fios line.

Result: Naturally straight hair, without frizz, stronger, and repaired with an incredible shine for up to 3 months!

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